Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, often referred to as the Desmond Tutu of Uganda, is an outspoken advocate for human rights.   Although there is still much discrimination against the LGBT community in the U.S., thanks to religious-based homophobia (morally and financially backed by Christians in places like San Diego County), being gay in Uganda could mean a death sentence. About a year ago, American leaders in the “Ex-Gay Movement” tried unsuccessfully to authorize a law (through the Ugandan government) that would have imposed the death penalty for some homosexual acts and life in prison for others. HIV and AIDS services to the LGBT community are directly forbidden by the Ugandan Government.  Because of the international uproar, the bill was quietly shelved. The question is:  for how long?

In mid-October, the front-page newspaper story featured a list of Uganda’s 100 “top” homosexuals, with a bright yellow banner across it that read: “Hang Them.” Alongside their photos were the men’s names and addresses. In the days since it was published, at least four gay Ugandans on the list have been attacked and many others are in hiding. Unfortunately, time is not on men’s side. The article also called for Bishop Senyonjo’s hanging.

Now that we have your attention, we would love for you to attend a fundraising event to help Bishop Christopher to combat the anti-gay government of Uganda. There will be a Cocktail Reception on Thursday, December 2 from 6:00-8:30 pm at The Eden Restaurant, 1220 University Avenue, San Diego. Please RSVP to Rev. Canon Albert J. Ogle from The St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation, or 949-338-8830.  The fundraising is on a donation basis.  PFLAG San Diego is proud to be one of the sponsors.