Your membership is important to us – it allows us to offer monthly support group meetings at multiple locations across the county, to provide complimentary educational brochures, to participate in fairs, parades, tabling events throughout the county to spread our message, to have a website, information phone line, newsletter, and to attend LGBTQ+ conferences and conventions to strengthen our presence in the community at resource fairs, Pride events, and community fairs and festivals and to have our voices heard.

Your annual registration donations go towards helping PFLAG San Diego County financially support our programs and services, enabling us to continue our advocacy and educational commitments. A portion of your supportive donations is sent to PFLAG in Washington, DC for membership in PFLAG National. Members will receive our monthly newsletter and national’s The PFLAG Banner.

Confidentiality is respected. Your donation is tax deductible (Tax ID 33-0512868)

Membership Registration

Please fill out the form below.  Memberships are for the calendar year. You will be able to pay through PayPal, credit card, or check.  If sending via mail, print out our membership form and send it to us along with your check to: PFLAG San Diego County, P.O. Box 82762, San Diego, CA 92138.