Caring Friends,

Retired Anglican Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, who is straight, very much a family man, married to his beloved Mary for 50 years, has his work cut out for him. He is trying to prevent a witch hunt and genocide if the bill passes. He and Mary will be imprisoned or worse for helping the LGBT community if the bill passes because helping gays will then be a criminal act. (BTW the Ugandan Anglican Church kicked Bishop Christopher out and took away his retirement pension a decade or so ago because he was counseling LGBT individuals as well as underprivileged widows and orphans.) Thank goodness the US Episcopalian and Irish Anglican churches (and Desmond Tutu) support him.

It’s deplorable that people who are supposed to be Christians are acting in a hateful, un-Christian manner as shown in the links below.
Martin Ssempra who supports the anti-gay bill is the opposite of Bishop Christopher.

Here’s how Pentecostal Bishop Ejiba Yamapiale regards homosexuals:

I believe that gays and lesbians are born that way just as intersex people (aka hermaphrodites) are born that way. There is something about the brain that causes their orientation to be different. Regardless of whether you think it’s a choice or whether you think these individuals are born that way, I implore you to recognize the injustice of what is going on in Uganda.

After decades of working with many wonderful gay and lesbian people who have become good friends, I cannot stand by and let hate get the upper hand here in America and there in Uganda. I am especially concerned when I see preachers from America hold religious crusades in Africa that preach extremely hateful ideas that prompt the writing of anti-gay bills. (Read about two people who held crusades in 2009 and 2010 — Scott Lively and Lou Engle).

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. — Attributed to Edmund Burke

Linda (Lindy) Miles