I speak as the mother of a gay son and co-president of Pflag San Diego representing hundreds of families of lgbtiq children, I was asked for an opinion on this issue and the article that was first sent to me was written by a very ignorant one sided entity which made ludicrous remarks about this case, so I searched on the internet and of course found real articles (one from a CNN interview and one from a UK paper) that explained everything. I chose not to put the one sided ignorant link on our web site but do show the UK article link.318

Just because the people in the article have no personal experience with a transgender child it doesn’t invalidate the feelings of Tammy knowing she was a girl at such an early age instead of being the gender she was born with. I am glad those people’s children were not transgender obviously if they had been they probably wouldn’t have turned out as well as the kids in fantastic families that I personally know who have allowed their very young children to be who they are and not try to change them by force into who they think they should be! Those are the unlucky ones that turn to suicide as their last recourse.
How ignorant to say that because the mothers are lesbian they hate men! And even more ignorant to say that doctors would allow them to change their boy into a girl! I live in California and it is way more conservative than many European and South American countries unfortunately.
what these wonderful mothers and the doctors are doing for Tammy is using hormone blockers so that the male hormones don’t tell the child’s body to grow facial hair, wider shoulders, etc. and gives this child the possibility of looking more feminine when older instead of what others have to deal with electrolysis to remove facial hair. This child is so lucky to have two wonderful moms who didn’t understand at first what their child was telling them but looked into it, investigated and followed through! This child is blessed to have been placed in their family. Gender Identity Dysphoria is not an illness and it’s something that we all need to have a little more empathy and put ourselves in the shoes of families dealing with this instead of making life harder for them by pointing fingers and giving unwarranted opinions.
All the families I know with transgender children are products of heterosexual families, this is the first lesbian couple I hear with a transgender child, you can’t make someone be who they are not!
People should educate themselves before lashing out.