Catholic School Kicks Out ANOTHER Kid Because Parents Are Lesbians

Having learned their lesson from the pedophile priest sex abuse scandal, Catholic leaders are taking prompt action to curb another moral scourge: children with lesbian parents. For the second time in 3 months, a Catholic School in Massachusetts has rejected an elementary scho0l-aged child because his parents are gay. As Queerty puts it, “Ah, the Catholic Church, where pedophiles are welcome, but lezmos: stay out!”

The principal and priest said that the parents’ relationship was in “discord” with Church teachings and that teachers wouldn’t be able to answer the kid’s questions. Somehow, they manage fine with the children of sinners like divorced people and single parents, as the boy’s  mom pointed out to the AP:

   The church’s stance against homosexual relationships was no shock, but the woman said she didn’t think it was a deal-breaker, given the church’s “many variations of tolerance,” such as its inclusion of families of divorce, which the church doesn’t recognize.

   “There are many different non-traditional families that fall under the umbrella of the Catholic Church, and I guess we assumed we would fall under one of those,” she said…