> Hi All,
> just heard they were showing a special on AC 360
> “the sissy boy experiment uncovering the truth”.
> Tuesday May 24 10ET
> Also James Quinones has a program called “What would you do” and they
> filmed in Texas. The subject was Lgbt familes with kids at a
> restaurant and the waitress (also an actress) not wanting to serve
> them and really being ugly about it, as we know in Texas you can
> refuse to serve people if they are gay!
> Almost 50% of the restaurant patrons stood up and defended the bullied
> families (some ugly people agreed with the waitress) but some went
> out of their way to confront the bigotted waitress and comfort the
> couples. It was heartwarming and was a very positive message for the
> outside world and encouragement for all of us who sometimes get so
> tired of going three steps forward and two back!!
> People do care, and there are decent people out there!!
> Who knew Texas had a better response in the same test than New York!