I had never seen this letter that my youngest Danny wrote after coming out 6 years ago!
*I just stumbled upon this. I was a rather philosophical and smart 23 year old… who loved ellipses… still do. 


Here I am… 23 and a working actor… I have found myself at a very weird point in my life but one of the best moments in my young adulthood… Who would have thought that my 23rd year of existence would have been the most dramatic and significant point in my life? It is this year that I have begun to shed my skin and show a sense of confidence that I have never been able to show… I know who I am (to a degree.. I still believe that to be a life long struggle). I am beginning to understand who I love and who reciprocates those feelings back to me… I am also learning that it is very important to feel loved.. Everyone, no matter who they are, deserve a sense of recognition, an overflowing sense that someone else in the universe loves them as much as they love… This year has been a year of lessons and a year of action… I know who I am and I have let everyone who cares about me try and understand who I am… no longer must I hide in lies and depression… No one should ever have to lie to themselves to please those around them and the universe… This will only make a person lose themselves in what they think society wants from them… don't listen to society… listen to your heart… these are all of the lessons I have learned in this single year… Trust me… I have so much more yet to learn. I cant wait for 24!