I am so excited to let you all know about this wonderful convention in June of 2013 in Lima, Peru.
It’s Families for Sexual Diversity and I was lucky enough to attend this in Chile 3 years ago.
This is an event in Spanish with panels and workshops for 3 days and it culminates with all the representatives there from all the countries marching in Lima’s Gay Pride parade.
For me three years ago that was the most exciting thing (other than the birth of my children) that I have ever experienced. I met wonderful people that I keep in touch and share articles with all over the world.
If you have Spanish speakers in your groups or have an interest in forming a Spanish speaking group please contact me or Nila Marrone.
If there is a person that wants to attend but needs help, we have all kinds of scholarships that they can apply for through Nila at nilamarrone@gmail.com
Patti Boman
Pflag San Diego