In keeping in line with our By-Laws, PFLAG SDC officers are elected every two years. Our election will take place at all support group meetings throughout January. If you are interested in running for a position, please contact Terrie by January 2 at
Here is a brief description of each office:
President (or co-Presidents): Supervise, direct, and control the business related to PFLAG SDC; preside over and present report at board meetings and Metro General Meetings; attend community outreach events, public speaking engagements; be public relations contact and networking person
Vice-President: In the absence of the president, perform all the duties of the president; assist president in carrying
out duties; attend board meetings and present report.
Secretary: Record minutes of the board meetings; prepare and send copies of the minutes to board members prior
to the next scheduled board meeting; maintain file of minutes.
Treasurer: Keep account of all monies received and expended; make disbursements as authorized by the board;
maintain check register and financial ledger; prepare monthly financial report for distribution to the board.