Subject: The gift of Freedom


Dear friends


The math is simple but the asylum system is not, particularly if you are a LGBT refugee.


$25 x 400 people =$10,000 =freedom for Joseph Bukombe who has spent the last 2 years in a San Diegan prison rather than return to Uganda.


We can secure his immediate release to his friends, a job, a home and a fresh legal process to grant him asylum here.


An event is being planned next Thursday at LifeHOUSE in San Diego to raise the funds needed and if he is successful the $10,000 will be used to help a second victim of Ugandan abuse who will arrive here next year. Your gift may be a double blessing and a means of raising the voices of thousands of LGBT people globally.


Here is the link.


If you cannot be with us next week, please join the groundswell of support for Joseph and the issues he represents. Donations are tax deductible.




Albert Ogle