It’s funny until now the good people and the bad people were so far apart from each other, they were people like Mother Teresa and Hitler, the Dalai Lama and Charles Manson. Now those two sides are closer and they live in a less defined straight line. Many of the bad people think they are righteous, they attend church, they are scout leaders, they pay their taxes, they have gainful employment and they contribute to their little charities, they are even pastors and church leaders. But “They” also stand in judgement against people that are different to them (in some cases) and want to make sure they are not afforded the same rights they have, they are against same sex marriage.

They could be the people we think are nice and upstanding, even kind!

They are like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

It is much harder to discern the bad ones now but we need to keep our eyes, hearts and minds wide open!

Thank you,

Patti Boman

A Pflag Mom