Sophia Arredondo director of the Hillcrest Youth Center spoke to us about this yesterday and we are more enlightened now as to what this does for our LGBTIQA youth.
here is a link to the web site with more info:

But meanwhile we all need to be pro active and find ways to help fund more activities there, they need food, clothing (cool stuff only), back packs, games, snacks, bus tokens (very needed!) money of course! and a dream would be to get a larger venue, if someone wants to donate a house, commercial space, warehouse,etc. and a van or mini bus would be awesome! seriously there has to be someone who can do this! We need more centers like this in more locations like, South and East county to name a few. This is a safe space for LGBTIQA teens to meet like minded teens and hang out, do homework, feel safe to be who they are, especially if they have an unsafe situation at home or at school.
Please share this status and let’s get help to this very worthy cause because these kids are our future and we need to support their growth!