Reproduction. We are taught in Biology 101 that it is a simple fact of getting sperm and egg to meet. Though it sounds simple, this is not always the case. Same-sex couples seeking to build a family face additional challenges and often lack professional support and guidance. For lesbian couples, home insemination may work for some, but others may require help with ovulation and timing of the insemination. Gay male couples need assistance coordinating the complex process of egg donation and gestational carriage. Couples often feel uninformed about their legal rights as parents. At Fertility Specialists Medical Group, we seek to inform, educate and assist you on the journey to building a family.  

We offer the following services, among many others:

–          Natural cycle insemination

–          Ovulation induction with insemination

–          Egg donation

–          Gestation Carrier 

–          Use of multiple sperm sources in an assisted reproduction treatment cycle

We offer a welcoming, respectful environment to learn about your reproductive options.  

Please join us for this complimentary educational seminar April 26, 5:45 – 7:00pm 

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