San Diego’s Pride Parade is Saturday, July 17th and starts at 11:00 am at Normal Street and University and ends at Balboa Drive and Upas.  The route is 1.5 miles long and takes about 2 hours start to finish. The theme is “One World, One Heart, One Pride.”  Free shuttles are available from the Naval Medical Hospital parking lot and run from 8 am to 2 pm. We have two cars in our contingent, which will be decorated in the theme (view more info here). There are still spaces left for riders. Please contact Karen Thompson at if you need a ride.

We are contingent #73 this year and will assemble in Zone G, which is on the east side of Normal Street between Lincoln and Blaine. Please arrive by 11:30 so you will be ready for our step off, which we estimate to be about noon. Everyone in the contingent needs to sign a Photo Release Form and there will be copies available the day of the event. The parade is an “all forward motion” parade and we will need to maintain a consistent pace and follow any directions given to us by parade staff.

There is a designated “protest zone” at 9th and University and we are asked not to engage in any discussion with them as we walk by—they are exercising their right to free speech. We are not allowed to throw anything into the crowds, but can walk out to greet people or hand out materials. Our four footed friends are welcome to join us, but must be on a leash at all times and must be picked up after. In case you were even considering it: fireworks, alcohol, drugs and nudity are not allowed.

As in any warm day in sunny San Diego, please bring water, sunscreen, a hat and wear comfortable walking shoes.  Please feel encouraged to make your own signs supporting our LGBT friends and family and be prepared to feel a lot of love!