Thought Rick Warren Is Someone To Be Worried About? Meet Lou Engle

GOP’s New Prayer Guru Lou Engle Helping Incite Near-Genocidal Antigay Hatred in Uganda

…On December 31, 2007, at one of his TheCall events in Kansas City, Engle told his audience that one of the names of God was “avenger of blood” and encouraged his audience to worship that aspect of God. Engle stated that decades of legal abortion had incurred a blood debt that must be repaid in blood, and he predicted that legal abortion would cause a second civil war.

Five months and one year later, in May 2009, Kansas late term abortion doctor George Tiller was shot through the eye and killed, on Sunday in the lobby of his Wichita, KS church. In a March 2009 letter on his personal web site, Engle had suggested Tiller was like an “Auschwitz death camp worker.”

Now Engle is turning his inflammatory rhetoric against Uganda’s gay citizens, many of whom are already in hiding.

Whereas anti-abortion terrorism in the US usually involves solitary acts of violence, Lou Engle’s planned anti-gay agitation in Uganda coincides with pending legislation that could harness Uganda’s police and judicial system to remove or eliminate an entire segment of Ugandan society.

Engle’s invocation of the Holocaust inadvertently raises the uncomfortable fact that the pending Ugandan Anti Homosexuality Bill is more draconian than analogous legislation passed during the early years of Hitler’s Third Reich. German homosexuals were one of the societal groups targeted by Hitler’s Nazi regime.

Lou Engle is a provocateur.  Given Engle’s horrific timing it’s hard to interpret his planned event as anything but intentional incitement of antigay hatred in Uganda, already at a near-fever pitch…