This Sunday at All God’s Children, Westminster Presbyterian Library on lower level, 2:30 —

A student said in my presence the other day the topic of homosexuality and faith has been driven into the ground on our nearby Christian university campus. Do you agree? Is there no longer a need for a campus-wide conversation on LGBT issues and faith?

The topic this Sunday at AGC:

How do students feel about LGBT as a talking point?
Do students want more or less conversation?
Has the climate on campus changed for LGBT persons?

There have been three speakers in chapel since a year ago–one being an out gay man (likely a first in the history of the institution)–speaking on the issue, along with accompanying sessions for interaction and discussion.

Other Questions:
Is the conversation continuing?
If so, where?
Do persons feel that they can “come out”? In support, against, as LGBT?

We will look at the first Pastoral Perspective on Homosexuality from the church leaders and try to answer whether Point Loma is

Provid[ing] a Grace Community of Hospitality and Formation including support groups with mature mentors. (Lifted from the document cited above.)

A revised statement has been put on the web site and can be accessed here:

Read ahead if you like!


All God’s Children (AGC) was founded to offer a safe space–especially for students–for open conversation on LGBT issues and faith. Programs include the telling of (usually first-person) stories, presentations by pastors and professors out of their study and experience, and the screening of documentary films. In the past, students and employees of universities, members of local churches, and residents of the larger San Diego and Southern California area have attended. All who come in a spirit of honest inquiry are welcome.


For the past four academic years, All God’s Children (AGC) has met almost weekly (except during some PLNU breaks) on Sundays, 2:30-4:30. Sessions are dedicated to an open discussion of LGBT issues and faith. Participants are asked to respectfully listen to and engage in a variety of contributions to discussion in a spirit of honest inquiry. Moderators ask participants to honor the announced program topic and to be courteous to speakers. The new church home of AGC is Westminster Presbyterian Church (USA), 3598 Talbot St. (at the corner of Canon and Talbot), in Point Loma. The library is one level below the upper parking lot and and on the same level as the lower lot.