Thank you all you haters, homophobes, bullies, extreme literalist church goers!
Thank you for helping me and countless other mothers and fathers rise up to activism in defense of our lgbtqi children, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, parents, friends.
Thanks to your intolerant, vicious hateful actions and words you have created soldiers out of us regular people that would have never thought of marching in parades, protesting publicly, speaking out in public media in favor of our loved ones! And for me the hateful proposition 8 in California was causing such friction within our communities with opposing signs in neighbor’s front yards, I took it personally that you thought you could tell me that my loved one did not have the same right to marry as you had, the hypocrisy of your comments like you loved and cared for our lgbtqi loved ones but in your infinite “Christ-like love” you wouldn’t tolerate equal rights or public displays of affection, yet YOU could hold hands, kiss and not have a problem with that unless it was two people of the same gender doing this!
Well guess what we joined organizations worldwide like PFLAG, GLSEN, HRC, etc and we will win!
We will win this fight because we are on the right side of history and the right side of love!image