This Sunday, Nov 20, 2:30-4:30, at Westminster Presbyterian

Paula Hui, JD, an active church laywoman and attorney who has served the Court of Appeal in San Diego and Sacramento much of her professional life, will tell her story, interwoven with the lives of several key persons. The title of her presentation is: “What I’ve Learned About Courage, Humility and Love As a Straight Ally.”  (See details below.)

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Upcoming Programs at AGC —

  • Sunday, November 27 — Thanksgiving Weekend (No meeting)
  • Sunday, December 4 —  Heather will tell her story. I have known Heather all her life. Having grown up male in a Nazarene home in the Midwest and graduated PLNC, Heather has transitioned from male to female and is now a valued systems professional, recently remarried.

Paula Hui To Share Her Story This Sunday, Nov 20, at Westminster Presbyterian


In a talk titled “What I’ve Learned About Courage, Humility and Love As a Straight Ally,” Paula Hui will describe her journey to become an active supporter of the Reconciling Movement within the United Methodist Church.  Consistent with this Sunday’s celebration of the Day of Remembrance for victims of anti-transgender violence, Paula will introduce six LGBT persons she met along the way . . . and how they changed her life.  She will invite you to remember the individuals in your life who have affirmed you and those you love, regardless of sexual orientation.


Confirmed as a member of the United Methodist Church at age 13, Paula has served her local churches in various leadership capacities for over 50 years.  She was a member of the Davis United Methodist during its process of becoming a Reconciling Congregation 15 years ago.  As LGBT members of that church began to share their stories, Paula viewed her own family history in a new light. 


Recently retired after 30 years as a staff attorney in the California State Court system, Paula will move to the Los Angeles area next month to be closer to family. 


All God’s Children meets Sunday, November 20, at 2:30 p.m. at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Point Loma.  



All God’s Children (AGC) was founded to offer a safe space–especially for students–for open conversation on LGBT issues and faith. Programs include the telling of (usually first-person) stories, presentations by pastors and professors out of their study and experience, and the screening of documentary films. In the past, students and employees of universities, members of local churches, and residents of the larger San Diego and Southern California area have attended. All who come in a spirit of honest inquiry are welcome.

Meeting Space

AGC meets at its new Point Loma area host church, Westminster Presbyterian (USA), at the corner of Talbot and Canon, just across the intersection and downhill from the Fresh and Easy Market (Catalina Blvd) parking lot. There is parking on two levels if you use the Talbot-facing driveway. Those who use the lower lot can walk directly into the church library, our meeting space, on that level. Overflow parking is available on Talbot. We meet in the Library in the lowest level of the annex. Look for a directional sign near the parking lot. The church is also within easy walking distance of the nearby university campus.

We are grateful to the pastor, Rev. Dr. Tony Wolfe, staff and session (church board) of this congregation for its welcome to our discussion group. And thanks go to Sandy and Sheldon Sickler for facilitating this new relationship.


For the past four academic years, All God’s Children (AGC) has met almost weekly (except during some PLNU breaks) on Sundays, 2:30-4:30. Sessions are dedicated to an open discussion of LGBT issues and faith. Participants are asked to respectfully listen to and engage in a variety of contributions to discussion in a spirit of honest inquiry. Moderators ask participants to honor the announced program topic and to be courteous to speakers. The new church home of AGC is Westminster Presbyterian Church (USA), 3598 Talbot St. (at the corner of Canon and Talbot), in Point Loma. The library is one level below the upper parking lot and and on the same level as the lower lot.