The People’s Post gives san Diegans a way to share their unique personal stories with the entire community. Record your LGBT Story for free with a community videographer to be posted on the Peoples Post website.  You may obtain info on how to do it or phone the SD County Library at (858) 495 5037.  You simply make an appointment, prepare what you want to say, perhaps take a few exhibits, and show up on time.  This affords an excellent opportunity for our LGBT and PFLAG personal stories to be told and put on the web for the entire community to see.  Its free, done professionally, and peoples post wants to give an opportunity for all of us to share our personal stories.  Knowing PFLAG and its history, we have lots of interesting, informative, or emotional stories to share. Any one of your stories could enlighten a total stranger who may have a desperate need to learn from your experiences.  Post your stories!  Perhaps include a note in your newsletter regarding The Peoples Post.  

Jim Ziegler, PFLAG Member