Dear Sandi,

The other side continues to twist our facts with their fiction as Prop. 8’s journey to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heats up.

Help shed light on their false claims by emailing at least three friends now and encourage them to sign up and get involved with our case.

Groups including the National Organization for Marriage, Focus on the Family, and Concerned Women of America have filed 25 briefs which detail their arguments about why Prop. 8 should stand.

Make sure your friends and family know how wrong they are. Forward this email and encourage them to get involved with the federal challenge to Prop. 8.

Our brilliant legal team led by Theodore Olson and David Boies has been analyzing over 870 pages of the other side’s briefs.

Some of the ridiculous arguments include:

  • The testimonies of four “ex-gays” prove that sexual orientation is changeable and LGBT people can be “cured” and “turned straight.”
  • “The ability to reproduce is what makes living things different from rocks.”
  • If marriage equality is legalized, more children will become gay.
  • Allowing gay and lesbian Americans to marry will have unknown consequences, including opening the door to state-sanctioned polygamy.

Our legal team is hard at work preparing a stellar rebuttal that counters every one of the false and inaccurate arguments.

Please, encourage your friends and family to get involved with the legal challenge by signing up for updates.

As the sole organizational sponsor of the Prop. 8 federal court challenge, the American Foundation for Equal Rights is the best source for insight and actions to help overturn Prop. 8 for good.

We will put an end to Prop. 8 so that LGBT Americans will be able to marry the person they love.

Chad Griffin Sincerely,

Chad Griffin,
Board President,
American Foundation for Equal Rights