I’m adding the following links, number 1 is the original story about this event and the second one is the story reporting the actual event a day later.

I was at this event last night, felt unwelcomed by the people in front and behind us (maybe because I was wearing my “I love my gay son” button?). We were told at the beginning not to clap for anyone so everyone could have enough time to speak, HA! that was the first thing they did not respect and they¬†clapped for Dr. Gagnon and Dr. Roback Morse. That venue is incredible! huge, lights, cameras, loud live music (a real show!). I had read Bishop Robinson’s book and new who he was, but had no idea who Dr. John Corvino was, so I googled him and was concerned that he co authored a book with Maggie Gallagher (NOM), but he wowed me with his heartfelt arguments and his expertise. Both Dr. Corvino and Bishop Robinson spoke softly and tried to tell their stories so people could see them and understand the hurt that this issue has caused to fellow “HUMAN BEINGS”, Dr. Gagnon spoke as if he was speaking to other university professors using a power point presentation and looking smug and unreachable. Not addressing regular moms and dads and families that were there. Dr. Roback Morse had to defend herself at one point about being divorced and said she had her first marriage annulled by the church and lived celibately until she was able to marry in the church. Don’t remember if it was Bishop Robinson or Dr. Corvino who brought up the issue of divorced people who re marry are guilty of adultery according to the Bible and they should all be made to go back to their first spouse (which Garlow and the other two agreed it should be done!) and why not work against divorce instead of not allowing same sex committed partners to enjoy the same equal rights as everyone! Bishop Robinson said the Episcopal church is getting out of the marriage bussiness, that weddings should be up to the state offciants only, then each church can give their blessings if they so want to. Trying to tell the crowd this is a civil issue not a church issue. I don’t know if much was accomplished by this, but from a non collegiate mom sitting in the audience all I saw in this church was judging and condemnation from Gagnon and Roback Morse and kindness, Christian love and patience from Robinson and Corvino.
Oh yes, and at the end we all had to give money to the church for hosting this. They had people with poles and velvet pouches at the exit making sure they got their money to pay for this extravagant palace that these Pharisees are worshiping in. All I know is that Jesus would be very angry at this Un Godly group!