Dear Friends,

The news of the Vatican’s attempt to suppress the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) has greatly angered and disturbed millions of Catholics across the U.S. over the past week. 

Because the nuns’ support for LGBT issues in general, and New Ways Ministry in particular, was listed as one of the reasons the Vatican took action, our office responded quickly by putting out a statement in support of our beloved Sisters.   We have attached a PDF of New Ways Ministry’s statement to this email, and it can also be read on our website,, and in our first blog post about this announcement: “Vatican Action Against U.S. Nuns; New Ways Ministry’s Response.”

Religious Sisters have been among LGBT Catholics’ most ardent supporters.  They have indeed been the backbone for New Ways Ministry’s activities for all of our 35 years.  To respond to them in gratitude and support, New Ways Ministry is calling on Catholics to do two things:

1) Sign an online petition in support of the Sisters.  The petition can be accessed by clicking .

2) Encourage the Sisters’ leaders by expressing support of women religious in a letter or email to them.  If you need contact information for leaders of women’s religious communities, you can call the New Ways Ministry office, 301-277-5674, or email us at For more information on this action, read “Message to Nuns: ‘Be Not Afraid.'”

Bondings 2.0, New Ways Ministry’s blog, has been following the news coverage and opinion pieces about this story since it broke on April 18th.   Our six posts include links to many original documents and articles where you can find even more in-depth information.  We will continue to update news and opinion about this situation as it becomes available.

You can link to each of these six blog posts by clicking on the appropriate titles:

1) April 18:  “Vatican Action Against U.S. Nuns; New Ways Ministry’s Response”  
          Links: Associated Press article; CDF document.

2) April 19:  “Sister Joan Chittister & Sister Simone Campbell Respond to Vatican Action Against U.S. Nuns
          Links: National Catholic Reporter (NCR) article; Religion News Service article by David Gibson; New York Times article.

3) April 20:  “Can There Really Be “Collaboration” Between the Vatican and LCWR?”
          Links:  Cardinal Levada’s letter; NCR article on how LCWR learned of the Vatican’s action; NCR article on canon law relevant to the case.

4) April 21:  “Support for U.S. Nuns Spreads Quickly Among Catholics and Others” 
          Links:  Online petition in support of nuns; New York Times editorial supporting nuns; U.S. Catholic magazine analysis of CDF document.

5) April 22: “Comments on LCWR Action from National Catholic LGBT Organizations
          Links:  MSNBC interviews with New Ways Ministry’s Sister Jeannine Gramick and DignityUSA’s Jeff Stone; Washington Post article.

6) April 23: “Message to Nuns: ‘Be Not Afraid‘”

We ask you to continue to keep our beloved Sisters in your prayers.

Francis DeBernardo

Francis DeBernardo Executive Director New Ways Ministry 4012 29th Street Mount Rainier, Maryland 20712 phone: 301-277-5674 email: website: