This Sunday, January 16, 2:30, First Nazarene Ellipse, we will begin with announcements from leaders of some local LGBT-related organizations and ministries regarding upcoming programming, and Lynda Mounts, who leads a Christian ministry for LGBT persons at her Vista church, will report on the recent Denver conference of the Gay Christian Network.

Joshua Romero, founder of Solace (a support ministry for gay persons who are followers of Christ), PLNU alumnus, and journalistic contributor to Gay San Diego, as well as Patti Boman, a board member of San Diego PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays—and Transgenders), are local leaders who will announce upcoming LGBT-related events in Greater San Diego.

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Upcoming AGC events –

January 23 – Stewart Bornhoft, Colonel, US Army Retired, speaking about the now-successful effort to repeal “Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell,” a campaign in which he has been active for several years

January 30 – Kurt Deary, history teacher, Carlsbad High School, and faculty advisor to CHS’s Gay-Straight Alliance, telling the story of the establishment of the Carlsbad High School GSA

February 6 – Dr. Bettina Tate-Pedersen, professor of literature, sharing her journey as a Christian woman academic regarding LGBT issues and faith

For the past three academic years, All God’s Children of First Nazarene (AGC) has met almost weekly (except during some university breaks) on Sundays, 2:30-4:30, at San Diego First Church of the Nazarene, 3901 Lomaland Dr., Ellipse building, main level, Bowes Conference Room. All are welcomed. Sessions are dedicated to an open discussion of LGBT issues and faith. Participants are asked to respectfully listen to and engage in a variety of contributions to discussion in a spirit of honest inquiry. Moderators ask participants to honor the announced program topic and to be courteous to speakers.