New York Times
November 1, 2010

Paper Runs Photos of Gay Ugandans


KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — A newspaper in Kampala on Monday published photographs, along with the names and home addresses, of gay Ugandans. This was the second time the newspaper has done so, prompting a human rights group to seek a legal injunction against the publication.

The newspaper’s managing editor, Giles Muhame, said he planned to continue publishing photographs of gay men so that he could “help them live responsible lives.” Earlier this month the newspaper, called Rolling Stone, published a front-page story featuring a list of what the newspaper said were Uganda‘s 100 “top” homosexuals. Rights activists said the articleprompted attacks against at least four gay Ugandans.

An organization called Sexual Minorities Uganda has asked the country’s highest court to issue an injunction against publishing the faces of homosexuals in future editions.