Correction to previous blog (not Hillsborough but westboro)

Today the supreme court allowed the Westboro Baptist church to continue their hate filled “Lifestyle” and allow them to continue to hold those hate filled signs “God hates America, God hates Fags, God hates….etc..”, and I have a hard time understanding this!

I am in favor of free speech and I believe people are innocent until proven guilty as our system of justice states, but this is pure unadulterated hate! They are not voicing a valid concern or trying to save oppressed people somewhere, just HATE! These folks hate every other religious organization too (even other Baptist groups), they are just plain crazy and they brainwash their young family members at an early age, a scary cult they are! How can the Supreme Court allow these people upsetting families that are already grieving at a funeral and yet the courts can’t get it together and allow people of the same sex to express and legalize their love and benefit from the advantages of “Marriage”.  I fight for equal rights for my gay son, so that he can be married and have what my eldest son has and what my spouse and myself have had for 35 yrs, nothing special just equal! For goodness sakes people stop all this hate!


Patti Boman