Ok what is wrong with this picture! We are the US of A not a foreign country! Our wars were fought to ensure equal rights for all a long time ago! Who are these people starting these hateful bills? Are we headed to what happened in Nazi Germany?
Please people fight! Write to these nuts! Write to the President! Don’t just sit back and think your voice doesn’t count because if we sit back and let a few do it we will all lose our freedoms, our way of life and turn back the clock a couple of centuries!

Pflag Yuma wrote:
Did everyone hear about this? Very bad news for AZ. On the PFLAG Yuma Facebook page, we have all the news and updates posted…including who to contact and write to to stop this Bill’s advancement in the House and Supreme Court.
Feel free to write heartfelt PFLAG support letters also. I think AZ politicians will want to know that AZ will also be hurt because companies and people who are GLBT-accepting will not want to do business with AZ. FYI, AZ Governor Brewer is a right-wing conservative evangelical who has not shown any support for LGBT peoples. Supposedly she introduced this Bill two years ago but veto’d it at last minute to push thru her Medicaid expansion bill.