All those self righteous people that think that pointing fingers at other people that are not like them and chastising them is what their religion calls them to do (and they do it well!) are missing the boat!

They all say “we don’t hate gay people”, “I have a gay uncle/aunt/cousin/friend”, etc. “but we don’t think they should be allowed to get married”, “marriage is Biblical”, “only between man and woman”, and I even met someone that worked for one of those churches that are most vocal in opposing equal rights for lgbt people and she told me ” I have a gay son, and he got married, I even went to their ceremony, but I don’t approve of it and I don’t think they should marry”. We don’t hate them (they say), but they are not allowed to love unless it’s the opposite sex!

All those people are not following the”WWJD?” (what would Jesus do?)slogan of a couple of years ago. NOM (national organization for marriage), and all the other churches and hate mongers that keep on trying to polarize us trying to make you all so upset and repulsed, like what the clergy in Uganda is doing by showing gay pornography to the average church goer in order to make them vote to make being gay punishable by death and their friends or family that support them being jailed! Why don’t they show them straight porno? Pornography is pornography whether straight or gay! And that belongs to whomever wants to watch that! Not to be used in a church to demonize the lgbt community and continue to persecute them until they are extinct! Is that what they want?? And that could be how our country could end up, with all these (evangelical) politicians that are bringing church into government. Wasn’t that what our forefathers fought for? We need to keep religion OUT of government and politics and personal issues that these politicians have, have to be kept to themselves, not shared with constituents!. And the same goes for the churches, pastors and priests that get on a pulpit and use their influence (since their followers believe they have a direct connection to God) to sway people towards something that Jesus WOULD NOT DO! He would only preach love, stop looking at you neighbor’s faults and start looking at your own! Stop pushing good people and their supporting families away from your churches and start doing what you are supposed to do!

Stop trying to tell others to hate our sons/daughters/friends/family members that are gay, mind your own business. And now the new thing that the hate mongers want is for the public to not support the teaching of lgbt history in school!! for goodness sake, it won’t make a straight kid GAY! But it could save the life of an lgbt kid who thinks he/she is alone, different and that either he/she has to stay in a closet to survive. No they need to know about Stonewall and other significant lgbt civil rights movements, they need to know that there are many LGBT successful individuals involved in all aspect of life, and they can be free to be who they are! For goodness sakes people, that’s all we want!! NO HIDDEN AGENDAS HERE!

Like a sign I saw a PFLAG mom carry at one of the many Pride parades (that she took from MLK’s speech) “I have a dream in which my son will be judged not by his sexual orientation, but by the strength of his character”. I have that same dream!