Hi, Dr. Sears (pediatrician) from the Doctors show on TV recently made these remarks about a young transgender child, and I’m so upset about this that I urge everyone with half a conscience to contact them and complain, I am not going to watch them anymore! There are two ways to do this, I sent the link to ask the Doctors and did it via email, or you can send a letter to address below.

I just want to let Dr. Sears know that he should keep his insensitive ignorant remarks to himself and i will never watch this show again and will publicize his insensitive bigoted remarks so that others will boycott too. During the February 27 edition of CNN Newsroom, host Brooke Baldwin led a panel discussion about Coy Mathis, a 6-year-old Colorado transgender girl who is suing her school district for the right to use female restrooms at her elementary school. Everyone on the panel expressed support for Mathis’ position except for Dr. James Sears, co-host of the CBS show The Doctors. Sears, who is a pediatrician and television personality, warned that Mathis might walk around the girls’ bathroom with her penis exposed, like “most boys” allegedly do at that age. He is putting preconceived sexual notions in children that don’t have that in their heads. They have normal curiosity about each others parts but only that! what is wrong with this doctor! I don’t even have a transgender child but can put myself in those parents shoes! Does Dr. sears think that being LGBT is contagious too? maybe LGBT doctors should not practice on straight people?
Dr. Sears OFF THE AIR!! Get a better pediatrician!


or mail letters to:
The Doctors
5555 Melrose Ave.
Mae West Building, Second floor
Los Angeles, CA 90038